31 March 2016

Spread Some Indie Love Blog Hop

Hello & Welcome to my Blog!

I am guessing that as a result of the blog hop, I will have a lot of new readers stopping by. So feel free to look around and get to know me a bit if you like. 

Here are the 2 books, by the same author, that I enjoyed the most so far in 2016! Check them out and do come back and let me know if you love them too.

 In the wake of her father's sudden death Pecan marries the up-and-coming boxing sensation Ricky Morrow. When she begins to doubt that desperate decision she finds herself on the receiving end of Ricky's violent temper. Scared for her life, she hunkers down in this marriage of convenience as the babies and fists keep coming. Will the abuse ever stop? Will Pecan and her girls live happily ever after?

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Now the mother of six daughters, Belinda has three willful teenagers. As Nikki, Mya, and Jackie test boundaries, experimenting with love, sex, and drugs, Belinda tries everything she can think of to rein them in before they go too far. But Morrow blood runs thick and the tighter she pulls the reins, the more her girls rebel. Until she loses her grip completely and secrecy, addiction, and wounds from the past send the Morrow girls hurling down treacherous paths.

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Now onto the Giveaway. 2 Lucky winners can win  a $15 Amazon Gift Card each.

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